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A Note From Dax's Dad

A week after Dax was born and literally the day we received his diagnosis, I ended up at the grocery store and was getting ready to check out. I looked up and at the end of the checkout line was a very courteous and happy young man bagging my items. I was smiling too, but almost in tears as I realized he had some intellectual disabilities of his own that he was working with. I thought, “Seriously? Is this really happening?” Fate slapped me in the face. I had just been thrown into fatherhood and into a world of developmental disabilities that I knew nothing about and this young man was so kind, happy, and just doing his job. I smiled, holding back the tears that wanted to burst out, and simply said, “thank you!"

I walked back to the car and told Dax's mom, “I don’t care if Dax bags groceries, takes ticket stubs, or whatever, but I want him to have opportunities just like any other kid.” And there lies the spark for Dax’s Farm. So I often think of that young man and say “thanks” for being the inspiration and for being such a good role model in our community. 

We have a big vision for this special place. It has many layers, programs, and opportunities for all to help. I look forward to sharing them all as we build this together because this is about inclusion and getting everyone in our community involved.


There’s something for EVERYONE at Dax’s Farm

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